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Tierra Group, Inc. recognizes that every investor has a different operating budget based on the required yield for a particular property.  We will provide detailed budgets reports monthly, quarterly or at a frequency that satisfies the owner requirement.

In addition to budget preparation, Tierra Group, Inc. will perform CAM reconciliation's for all triple net tenants and invoice overages and or issue refunds.

Key Benefits:

  • By producing frequent budget reports, an owner can effectively track the performance of the investment.  With up-to-date financial reports, modifications can be made in the expense schedule to offset excessive unforeseen expenses.
  • Having a close up, daily knowledge of the property maintenance, vendors expenses and utility increases etc., Tierra Group, Inc. is able to provide detailed explanations to tenants regarding reasons for CAM increases or decreases upon completing annual CAM reconciliations.
  • Management-tenant relationships are strengthened by the open lines of communication when explanations of maintenance projects and market trends, including CAM rate comparisons are provided up-front.  We also make ourselves available to meet one-on-one with individual tenants who wish to look over paid bill copies for the year in question.

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