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Ten years of experience in commercial real estate has provided the Tierra Group, Inc. with a broad base of knowledge and experience that is utilized in both the negotiation and preparation of lease documents.  Since the language of the lease and amendments if any dictate everything including but not limited to; term, rent rate, escalations, renewal options and payment of CAM, accuracy is of the utmost importance. 

Key B enefits:

  • Tierra Group, Inc. has reviewed many landlord and tenant leases over the years.  We have created strong office, industrial and retail leases that incorporate key clauses acquired over time.
  • Legal review is available as needed by experienced attorneys that specialize in real estate issues.  This includes tenant default and completion of the eviction process and Summary Judgements.
  • Lease abstracts are kept in tenant files and are updated as rents increase, options are exercised and amendments are created. 
  • Tierra Group, Inc. will provide detailed reports with current lease data for property owners, lenders for annual loan review and insurance companies and as further requested.

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