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Daily maintenance of a property requires strong organizational skills and the ability to manage and negotiate effectively.  These skills are essential when interacting with in-house staff and vendors.  Our ability to help orchestrate the completion of tenant improvements and renovation projects directly results from a combination of strong communication, attention to detail together with the supervisory skills needed and mentioned previously.

Key Benefits:

  • Given a pre-determined budget for a particular property, Tierra Group, Inc. is able to negotiate the most competitive service contracts that do not compromise the maintenance plan criteria.

  • Understanding the competitive environment, we always obtain more than one bid to assure our owners the best price.
  • Quality control requires regular visits to the property to assess the appearance, obtain tenant feedback and to continually find ways to improve the property appearance.
  • Tenant turnover can be costly especially when landlord provided improvements exceed a typical "vanilla shell".  Tierra Group, Inc. knows how to streamline the turnover process by working with the subcontractors and the tenant to ensure compliance of the lease provisions which stipulate the date that space will be delivered.

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