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Knowing and understanding who the tenants are at a property and having an understanding of each business, i.e. product, customer base, etc. enables a property manager to anticipate the tenants needs.  Tierra Group Inc. makes a point of familiarizing ourselves with the individual tenants and maintaining a relationship with each  business through regular contact.

Key Benefits:

  • Rent collection and follow up notices for delinquent rent always go smoother when a relationship with the tenant has already been firmly established.  Often times, rent may be collected in person at which time the tenant is encouraged to comment on the status of their business and to give feedback regarding property issues such as maintenance or parking related issues, etc.
  • Keeping a current tenant directory on hand for management use and a copy for the property owner is important to enhance communication in emergency situations.
  • All tenant phone calls and written correspondence are responded to promptly.  It is our policy to respond within 24 hours via telephone or personal contact, then assess the situation and provide written follow-up.

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