Tenant Services


Tierra Group Inc.
10210 N. E. 8th Street
Suite #208
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone: 425-453-7977
Fax: 425-453-9811

We provide customized programs to meet the specific needs of property owners.  This may involve short and long term strategies to improving portions of a retail strip center for example over a period of time.  Our goal is to provide personalized service based on the objectives of the property owner.

Key Benefits:

  • This allows for long term budget preparation using reserve/sinking fund calculations to plan for rehab projects and preventative maintenance expenditures.
  • Clarifying the property owners objectives with regards to specific improvements and time line for completion of improvements, up front, helps to prevent mis-communication in the future.
  • Having the flexibility in structuring management programs allows for easy modification of existing strategies as needs change.  An example of this would be if t he owner decides to sell the property and needs to re-prioritize certain improvements to enhance the property value and marketability.

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